UX is not enough if the solution lacks a good visual design or if the content and information doesn't create the desired emotions in the user.


New components While creating the layout for these pages, we created a cdn project consisting of: All the rules for which components to use, how they should look and when to use them. This would unify the design across the different modules using Bootstrap. Styleguides were also made for language, colors and logo. Keywords: Requirements, CDN, Storybook (Azure), Telerik, Bootstrap, material UI, React.

UI QA The key to successful application design is not a good idea or a good feature – it all comes down to the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). It doesn’t matter how great your idea is if the app is looking horrible and impossible to use easily. We worked on one page at a time and were consistent with the QA of the UI.

Challenge example Filter: Part of the makeover. The existing flow: All choices are pre-selected (This was actually the wrong way around)
The new and improved flow was to ensure that the select equals what you want to see and make the number of results explicit.

Further developement Further developement could be testing which information is redundant and if it can be removed on both desktop and mobile devices or if it should only show on desktop. In the first version we are displaying the same information the user is used to seing, e.g. tables are now scrollable and fit nicely on a screen.

UX analysis / Check product and where it should be fixed / Design system to guide everyone in the project / Inspire and motivate the team

According to research: Invest 10% of your budget in UX can improve sales results by over double

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