Old company / New owner / New layout

Nielsen og Søndergaard got a new owner and the site had not been updated for years. So.. it was time for a rebrand. Rebranding your site can increase your traffic, generate more leads, and add functionality By doing this, it can also improve the user experience.


Startup / Stand out from competitors

Photographer Laila Fluhr needed a website due to being a startup. Can't you just get by with social media? Yeah... but you do not own these platforms and therefore you have less control. You should be in control of your content and your visitors journey. Also it's the one place where no one else is competing for attention..

Previous partners

KvaliCare, Plan2learn, ProLearning, Bæredygtig Kystkultur, Vaskskraldespand.nu,
Nielsen og Søndergaard, Fotograf Laila Fluhr, faetterpriser.dk, Sinful, Norddjurs Kommune